The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce seeks to support businesses in their efforts to advocate for:

  • Better business practices
  • Policies that support small businesses
  • Policies that support renewable energy development

Advocacy initiatives will be responsive to issues that New Mexico Green Chamber Chapters find to be pertinent to the improvement and growth of local sustainable economies. These include the following campaigns:

Thinking Local First

More of every dollar spent at a local business stays in the community versus money spent at big-box stores. Policies that support New Mexico businesses keep money in the state and benefit our local economies. We advocate for:

Supporting Local Procurement policies that allow local businesses to fairly compete for state business and encourage the state to think local when spending your tax dollars. This includes closing loopholes that create give preferences to out of state companies and supporting local food procurement. These policies will stimulate New Mexico business and could help create thousands more jobs for New Mexico owned companies.

Leveling the Playing Field for Small Business

Small businesses are a major job creator in New Mexico. Policies that create opportunities for small businesses to compete will grow the New Mexico economy and create more jobs. We advocate for:

A tax system that reflects the needs of small businesses, especially when it comes to credits or incentives that will help these businesses create jobs.  This also means that small businesses need to be able to provide employees with benefits, like healthcare, at an affordable cost.

Seizing the Green Business Advantage

By encouraging business practices that invest in people, protect our air, land, and water, and create sustainable profits, New Mexico Businesses can seize the Green Business Advantage. This means supporting policies that increase Green Industry in New Mexico and allow businesses to tap in to new “green” consumer markets. We advocate for:

Projects that lower costs, increase energy efficiency, and create good-paying clean energy jobs.

Capitalizing on the Clean Energy Economy

New Mexico has some of the best Clean Energy potential in the nation, but we have been not yet emerged as a leader in Renewable Energy development. Policies that encourage new means of clean energy investment and maintaining limits on pollution send a positive signal to our fast-growing renewable energy sector. We advocate for:

A strong Renewable Portfolio Standard that will continue to increase renewable energy development in New Mexico and draw new investments in solar, wind, and geothermal to our state. As we seize this opportunity to create jobs and move towards a clean energy economy, we support smart projects “done right from the start” and without significant environmental conflicts, on public lands in New Mexico.

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