Northern NM’s Solar Energy Future – Community Solar Projects and Scenario Planning

Article from The Green Fire Times, May 2012

By: Erin Sanborn, Steve Fuhlendorf and Mary Emery

How our renewable energy future will unfold is unknown. Changes in this industry are multiple, occurring rapidly, and outside forces can shift the industry in a very short time frame. In order to move toward a clean energy future, a business must be able to see different systems and causal relationships plus constantly think outside the box. Given today’s business conditions, one scenario is to utilize the willingness of many, many people to participate in solar energy development and marry it to New Mexico’s underutilized solar potential. One model is for community solar arrays or community shared solar.

In the northern region of New Mexico, specifically Taos County, Kit Carson Electric Coop (KCEC) has developed different scenarios and plans of action towards a renewable energy future. Community shared solar, or what KCEC calls “community solar projects,” is spreading across the country. Many environmentally minded residents of this eclectic community would like to take advantage of the abundant sunlight (more than 300 days/year) to power their homes. To do so requires not only a large monetary investment, but also a large, open location to install a solar array. This dilemma has been solved through the community solar concept.

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