New Las Cruces Subdivision First in State to be Awarded NAHB Green Standard Certification

Las Cruces–The first phase of Metro Verde South, a new Las Cruces Planned Unit Development associated with Red Hawk Golf Club, has recently been awarded certification based on National Association of Home Builder’s National Green Building Standard™ for green land development and site design. Sierra Norte Land Holdings LLC, the developer of Metro Verde South, is a member of the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce as well as the Las Cruces Home Builders Association. Metro Verde South is the first and only subdivision in the State of New Mexico to receive this certification.

The National Green Building Standard™ was developed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the International Code Council (ICC) to establish a nationally recognized standard definition of green building and development.

Certification to the standard was provided by Miles Dyson, a local certified Home Energy Rater and residential green building consultant.  Dyson, a member of the board of the LCHBA, rated the subdivision on the following sustainable development features:

  • The Metro Verde landscape maintenance plan calls for only native or non-invasive plant species, and details specifications for maintenance of common native landscape and wildlife habitat areas.  The development is phased to limit “scrape areas,” and all adjacent acreage is left in its native state.  Disturbed or developed drainage features and open species are being quickly stabilized to limit erosion.
  • Vegetated storm water features extend through the development to provide native species habitat as well as resident pathways.  These features have been designed to limit the risk of “sheet flooding” common to this area.
  • Walk-able neighborhoods – Metro Verde will include landscapedsidewalks throughout residential and shared open areas allowing for pedestrian and bike traffic throughout the community.
  • Mix Land Use – future phases of Metro Verde will incorporate restaurants, business services, and shopping opportunities so that area residents will have access to these services without having to leave their neighborhood.

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