A Guide to the Beautiful: Visitors pamphlet highlights Grant County’s gems

By: Aaron West
Content from: Silver City Sun-News
Posted: 05/04/2012 05:11:40 PM MDT

SILVER CITY The new Silver City/Grant County Visitor Guide was released this week and if the bright new cover doesn’t convince people to visit, Cissy McAndrew, executive director of the Silver City Green Chamber, thinks the updated content will.

It’ll help folks understand who we are as a community, McAndrew said. It’ll tell them about our neighborhoods, about our economy and will hopefully entice them to come visit and maybe decide to stay here.

The guide, published locally by Zia Publishing and available at the Visitor Center, by mail or in an online format at www.silvercitytourism.org, is a comprehensive, 33-page information manifesto filled with insights about the community, including historical and cultural information, event listings, area attractions and a new real estate component that will be especially helpful to people looking to relocate here, according to McAndrew.

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