Green Business Profile: Regina Wheeler

Regina Wheeler continues to demonstrate her commitment to green energy and the local economy by joining Positive Energy Solar as their new CEO. Regina adds her passion for sustainability to a company where employees already heat their lunches in solar ovens.  Regina says, “Once people realize they can preserve their quality of life, even enhance it, while going green, they are all for it!”

As CEO of Positive Energy, Regina is committed to creating a new business paradigm by using the triple bottom line (People, Planet & Profits) to measure success.  In an upcoming company wide training called the “Company Recharge,” Regina will invite the employees to craft a vision for the future.  “We will ask ourselves what are we creating in the world, agree on core values, and define who we will be to our customers,” she says.

Regina demonstrated organizational capacity building while working as the Environmental Services Manager for Los Alamos County.  Using methods developed by her with mentor/consultant, Libby Chaplan, Regina transformed the solid waste division into an environmental division.  By creating structured opportunities for collaboration and diverse coalitions, she led community sustainability projects, like the construction of a LEED Certified, solar powered transfer station.

“At first,” she admits, “I was afraid of the chaos that might ensue if we asked people to participate.   I worried about the opposition, but I found if you follow the facilitated process, the group educates each other about key issues, presents creative ideas, and takes ownership in the resulting solutions.”

Regina adds innovative leadership to Positive Energy.  The Green Chamber considers her a great asset to its efforts to build green business coalitions and honest economies throughout New Mexico.  As Regina says, “Building coalitions in New Mexico creates economic success and vitality in the community.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Positive Energy was founded in 1997 by Randy Sadewic, Allan Sindelar, and Mark Drummond, NABCEP certified installers with a shared love for the veggie car.   Today, Positive Energy employs 50 people, with offices in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos, and Las Cruces, and has completed over 500 installations.